Why Join the Society?

Joining the Dozenal Society of America is a basic act for anyone committed to dozenal counting and arithmetic, or even just interested in alternative bases. As one of very few organizations committed to the study of alternative bases, and certainly the oldest and most storied one, the DSA is the venue of choice for these topics.

Members of the DSA can expect the following benefits:

  • The DSA is a public corporation; membership involves the right to vote in all matters relating to the government of the Society. It further carries the right to pursue and hold office within the Society, including sitting on the Board of Directors.
  • Easier access to a great number of distinguished scholars and deep thinkers of the topics of dozenal counting and arithmetic, and of other alternative bases.
  • Automatic receipt of the DSA's flagship publication, The Duodecimal Bulletin.
  • Subscription to the DSA's monthly newsletter, The DSA Newscast.
  • A membership card stating the span of membership in good standing, along with name and membership number.
  • The satisfaction of being a part of a long and historic movement on the subject of base twelve and other alternative bases.

In the words of one of our founders, Ralph "Whiskers" Beard:

If "playing with numbers" has sometimes fascinated you, if the idea of experimenting with a new number base seems intriguing, if you think you might like to be one of the adventurers along new trails in a science which some have thought staid and established, and without new trails, then, whether you are a professor of mathematics of international reputation, or merely an interested pedestrian who can add, subtract, multiply, and divide, your membership in this Society may prove mutually profitable, and is cordially invited.

We are looking forward to your contact and participation.