UncialClock Deluxe

Name: UncialClock Deluxe
Type: utility
Summary: A Java program displaying three types of dozenal clock, analog and digital.
Author: John Kodegadulo
Nature: Download
Location: Download from Sourceforge
This Java program by John Kodegadulo shows three analog clocks with digital readouts and brief explanations:
  • "Diurnal" clock: Based on the day divided into twelve parts of two hours each.
  • "Hybridiurnal" clock: Based on the half-day, divided into twelve parts of one hour each, with certain units taken from the diurnal clock.
  • "Semidiurnal" clock: Based on the half-day consistently divided into twelfths; this is a TGM clock.

It requires a relatively recent version of Java, and unfortunately the online documentation seems significantly out of date. However, this analog and digital clock provides an excellent introduction to dozenal timekeeping.