TGM: A Coherent Dozenal Metrology

Title: TGM: A Coherent Dozenal Metrology
Author: Tom Pendlebury / Donald P. Goodman III
Year: 11E8
Subject: Description of the TGM complete dozenal system of weights and measures.

NOTE: This book is now available in print for only $8. This is nearly at cost; all profits will be donated to the DSA.

This book gives a complete picture of the TGM (Tim, Grafut, Maz) dozenal system of weights and measures. It is a complete system, covering all fields of scientific endeavor, and is consistently dozenal. It also maintains a 1 : 1 correspondence between basic measures. TGM was designed by Tom Pendlebury of the Dozenal Society of Great Britain over the course of many years; this updated description of the system was prepared by Donald P. Goodman of the DSA, with heavy reliance on Mr. Pendlebury's original work. The book uses Systematic Dozenal Nomenclature for referring to dozenal numbers.

This edition includes:

  • Complete descriptions of all the basic units of the system, along with the fundamental realities on which they are based.
  • Remastered versions of nearly all the figures and tables of the original, along with several new or extended ones.
  • Appendices describing Systematic Dozenal Nomenclature and giving several fundamental physical constants in both TGM and SI units.
  • A units appendix with all the units of the system, along with SI metric and, where applicable, customary-imperial equivalents.
  • A complete index.

Note that this is not a publication of the Dozenal Society of America, which does not endorse any particular proposal for a dozenal system of measures; it is offered here simply because of its interest and importance to the dozenal community. A great deal of further information about TGM can be found at Dozenalism's TGM.