One of the foremost considerations among dozenalists is how to symbolize the digits of base twelve, and how to pronounce dozenal numbers. It seems each dozenalist arrives at his or her own conclusions. The Dozenal Society of America does not endorse any particular symbols for the digits ten and eleven. For uniformity in publications we use Dwiggins dek (here in HTML we use X) for ten and his el (here in HTML we use E) for eleven. The numbers commonly called “ten”, “eleven” and “twelve” are often pronounced “dek”, “el” and “dough” in the duodecimal system.
Title: The DSA Symbology Synopsis
Author: Michael deVlieger
Subject: A poster-sized synopsis of proposals for dozenal symbologies.
Year: 11E7
Title: The DozensOnline Forum Symbols Debate
Author: Michael deVlieger
Subject: A debate on symbols from the DozensOnline forum.
Year: 11E6
Title: A Numeral Toolbox
Author: Michael deVlieger
Subject: Methods for divising numerals for non-decimal bases.
Year: 11E6
Title: Dozenal Mathematical Displays Using LaTeX
Author: Donald P. Goodman III
Subject: A brief description of the LaTeX package "dozenal."
Year: 11E6
Title: Featured Figures: Symbology Overview
Author: Michael deVlieger
Subject: Summarizes many dozenal and hexadecimal numeral systems.
Year: 11E6
Title: Symbology Overview
Author: Michael deVlieger
Subject: Summary of least-change dozenal symbologies.
Year: 11E6
Title: Presenting...Symbology
Author: Michael deVlieger
Subject: Introduction to DB Symbology issue, Vol. 4X Iss. 2.
Year: 11E6
Title: The Opposed Principles
Author: Ralph Beard
Subject: Article originally distinguishing "least change' and "separate identity" symbologies.
Year: 1161
Title: A Dozenal Nomenclature
Author: Dr. Owen B. Clayton
Subject: A proposed dozenal nomenclature.
Year: 11E5
Title: Going Classic
Author: Dozenal Society of America
Subject: Discusses the return of the DSA to Dwiggins numerals, away from Bell.
Year: 11E4
Title: Symbols, Symbols, !@#$%¢&*(!? Symbols
Author: Prof. Gene Zirkel
Subject: Explains the temporary adoption of Bell numerals by the Duodecimal Bulletin.
Year: 1192
Title: TGM: A Coherent Dozenal Metrology
Author: Tom Pendlebury / Donald P. Goodman III
Subject: Description of the TGM complete dozenal system of weights and measures.
Year: 11E8
Title: RAENBO Dozenals
Author: Timothy Travis
Subject: Travis' RAENBO system of dozenals.
Year: 11E9
Title: Collected Works on Reckoning Reform
Author: Sir Isaac Pitman
Subject: Collected works of Sir Isaac Pitman on the dozenal base.
Year: 10X8