Title: Mathamerica
Author: Grover Cleveland Perry
Year: 1149
Subject: A stridently patriotic argument in favor of dozenals from an interwar Protestant American viewpoint.
Written during the interwar period around 70 (seven dozen) years ago, Mathamerica is almost more of a paean to the semi-imperialist Protestant American views of its author than to dozenals. However, despite its jingoism and provincialism, the work does contain much that could be interesting to dozenalists, particularly students of the history of dozenal and other non-decimal bases. Written in the years preceding our own F. Emerson Andrews's more broadly-based work, Grover Cleveland Perry's pamphlet Mathamerica reviews dozens, fractions, basic arithmetic, and basic geometry in his justification for and praise of dozenals. An interesting addition to the Dozenal Society of America's library.