KDE Desktop Dozenal Clock

Name: dozenal-tgm-clock
Type: utility
Summary: Plasma applet for KDE desktop featuring a TGM (hour-based) clock and dozenal date.
Author: Donald P. Goodman III
Nature: Download
Download: http://www.dozenal.org/drupal/sites_bck/default/files/dozenal-tgm-clock_0.zip

This little program makes a TGM (hour-based) dozenal clock applet available for your KDE desktop. It lists a four-digit time, with the hour and first two digits of the Tim count (e.g., "03;X0" for "3:50"), and on mouseover gives the date in dozenal (e.g., "0E Apr 11E9"). To install the package, download the zip archive and run the following command:

plasmapkg -i dozenal-tgm-clock.zip

You should then have the applet available for you in the standard "add applet" screen; you can use it in addition to, or instead of, your default system clock.