Exquisite Analysis, and Dear Friends Lost

This dozen-issue set sees Prof. Jay Schiffman take the Editorship, and continue the exquisite analysis of the mathematical properties of base twelve. He and others explore the Fibonacci sequence, modular checking of arithmetic, factorials and significant digits, perfect numbers, properties of dozenal digits, and number-theoretical properties of integers less than one gross. Anti-metric discussion is minimal but not forgotten. William Lauritzen and Timothy Travis write books involving the dozen and are reviewed. It seems more often than not, an obituary to a mainstay of the Society both here or in Britain appears in the Bulletin. Notables like Don Hammond, British editor; Fred Newhall, bibliographer; Henry Churchman, editor; Charles Bagley, longtime board member; James Malone, author, treasurer, board chair; Dudley George, early enthusiast, longtime member and fellow; Jamison “Jux” Handy, Editor and early Member, all pass on. On 18 July 1995, Prof. Gene Zirkel was interviewed on National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered” on the merits of duodecimal numeration.