Dozensonline Dozenal Userscripts

Name: Dozensonline Dozenator
Type: utility
Summary: Dozenizes and provides other useful tools for the DozensOnline forum.
Author: James Wood
Version: 1.6.4
Nature: Download
Location: Dozensonline Dozenator

Dozenalists have long had the DozensOnline forum available for discussions; however, every number on it was in decimal!

British dozenalist James Wood has rectified this by preparing several user scripts for the Firefox and Chrome web browsers. These scripts give dozenal times, dates, post counts, and so forth on each and every page of the forum. They also provide higher-quality dozenal numerals for posts.

1.) Dozensonline Dozenator: Dozenizes all the forum-produced numbers, including times and dates, on the forum.

2.) Mathjax for Dozensonline: Allows the forum to display mathematics formatted by the high-quality LaTeX system by directly coding them into posts.

3.) Dozensonline Custom Symbols: Provides higher-quality Pitman numerals (inverted two and three) for transdecimal digits.

4.) Dozensonline Safe Symbols X & E: Makes the higher-quality Pitman numerals contain full image tags, making them much less likely to break.