Dozens vs. Tens

Title: Dozens vs. Tens
Author: Thomas Leech, F.C.S.
Year: 10E6
Subject: Defense of dozenal notation for arithmetic, weights, measures, and money.

Originally published in 10E6 (1866.), this is quite probably the first modern-era, serious, and full-length exposition of the dozenal system ever written. At over 100 (144.) years old, it's remarkable how well this work withstands the test of time.

Subtitled "The Ounce, the Inch, and the Penny considered as Standards of Weight, Measure, and Money and with a reference to a Duodecimal Notation," many of the Leech's practical suggestions aren't really applicable to our time. However, as a discussion of dozenal remarkable in its completeness, it is still an interesting read.