Presenting a set of articles by those who feel strongly that dozenal is the optimum number base for general use by civilization. Some of the Founders of the Society have written elegant presentations in favor of twelve as the societal number base. Read the remastered and any new treatises here.
Title: Why Change?
Author: Ralph Beard
Subject: Why our civilization should change to dozenal.
Year: 1164
Title: Twelves and Tens
Author: A. C. Aitken
Subject: Why dozenal is superior to decimal.
Year: 1179
Title: An Excursion in Numbers
Author: F. Emerson Andrews
Subject: Why dozens are a better base than decimal.
Year: 1152
Title: My Love Affair with Dozens
Author: F. Emerson Andrews
Subject: How Andrews fell in love with dozenal.
Year: 1184
Title: Dozenal Frequently Asked Questions
Author: Michael deVlieger
Subject: A comprehensive explanation of the benefits of the dozenal base.
Year: 11E7
Title: Analysis of Multiplication Tables
Author: Michael deVlieger
Subject: Comparing the traits of various bases' multiplication tables.
Year: 11E7
Title: Antipatio al Aritmetiko
Author: Ralph Beard
Subject: Ralph Beard makes the case for dozenalism in Esperanto.
Year: 1171
Title: The Aspirant's Tests
Author: Dozenal Society of America
Subject: Tests for proficiency in the dozenal system.
Title: Boxes & Cans: Some Points on Packaging
Author: Troy
Subject: Dozenal's advantages in packaging
Year: 1193
Title: Dozens vs. Tens
Author: Thomas Leech, F.C.S.
Subject: Defense of dozenal notation for arithmetic, weights, measures, and money.
Year: 10E6
Title: Systems of Numeration: A Plea for the Duodecimal
Author: Rev. Thomas J. A. Freeman, S.J.
Subject: An early plea for the adoption of the dozenal base.
Year: 1119
Title: The Number Rhyme
Author: Donald P. Goodman III
Subject: A simple rhyme teaching counting and the basic characteristics of number one to a dozen.
Year: 11E9
Title: Playfair on Dozenalism
Author: John Playfair
Subject: An early English defense of the dozenal system.
Year: 1067
Title: Twelve vs. Ten
Author: William B. Smith
Subject: A brief, turn-of-the-century defense of the dozenal base.
Year: 1117
Title: A Rational Solution to the Problem of Weights and Measures
Author: Sidney A. Reeve
Subject: A defense of the dozenal system from the perspective of a mechanical engineer.
Year: 1127
Title: A Duodecimal Scale
Author: Dr. Edward Brooks
Subject: A turn-of-the-century account of dozenal arithmetic and notation.
Year: 1104
Title: Filosofia de la numeracion
Author: D. Vicente Pujals de la Bastida
Subject: La superioridad de la doce como un base de la numeracion.
Year: 1098
Title: De la numeracion que debe preferirse.
Author: D. Vicente Pujals de la Bastida
Subject: Cuya base debe elegir?
Year: 1098
Title: De Arithmetica
Author: Ioannis Caramuelis (Juan Caramuel y Lobkowitz)
Subject: Very early exposition of dozenal.
Year: E48
Title: The Duodecimal System of Notation
Author: L. H. Vincent
Subject: A simple, mostly verbal argument for dozenal.
Year: 1131
Title: Collected Works on Reckoning Reform
Author: Sir Isaac Pitman
Subject: Collected works of Sir Isaac Pitman on the dozenal base.
Year: 10X8
Title: Practical Polygons
Author: Donald Hammond ("Troy")
Subject: Numbers considered through polygons.
Year: 1196
Title: Mathamerica
Author: Grover Cleveland Perry
Subject: A stridently patriotic argument in favor of dozenals from an interwar Protestant American viewpoint.
Year: 1149