dozenal suite

Name: dozenal
Type: utility
Summary: A complete set of dozenal programs, including converters, calculator, metric system converter, and date program
Author: Donald P. Goodman III
Nature: Download
Location: Download from Gitlab

The dozenal suite is a complete suite of programs containing all the necessary tools for working in the dozenal base. It includes:

  1. doz: a tool which converts arbitrary numbers from decimal to dozenal. Works with all rational numbers, including exponential ("scientific") notation.
  2. dec: a tool which converts arbitrary numbers from dozenal to decimal. Works with all rational numbers, including exponential ("scientific") notation.
  3. dozdc: a RPN (reverse Polish notation, or postfix notation) calculator, which works with the same type of numbers accepted by dec (that is, practically all). Contains a full set of functions, including logarithms (base two, base ten, base twelve, and arbitrary base), trigonometry, hyperbolic trigonometry, factorials, and much more.
  4. tgmconv: a program which converts all types of measures from TGM (a consistent, coherent dozenal metric system), SI metric, and customary-imperial measures.
  5. dozdate: gives the current date and time in arbitrary format in dozenal.
  6. dozcal: a dozenal calendar program; text-based, but otherwise a great replacement for calendar managers like iCal and the like.
  7. dozpret: a dozenal-number pretty-printer. Takes a dozenal number (e.g., one produced by dozdc or tgmconv) and filters it based on user-supplied criteria; so, for example, "3;18480949" (dozenal π) becomes "3;1848 0949"; or, if the number is to be included in a LaTeX document, "3;1848\,0949". Extremely configurable.
  8. dozstring:: simply takes a string and outputs it identically, except that all numbers not marked will be converted to dozenal.
  9. dozword: Takes a dozenal number and prints the series of words according to the SDN or the Pendlebury system. Pipe it through espeak for extra fun!
  10. doman: Takes a dozenal integer and converts it into arbitrary-format Roman-numeral type representations.

All in all, an extremely useful set of tools for any dozenalist, expert or beginner.