Dozenal OEIS Scripts

Name: Dozenal OEIS
Type: utility
Summary: Permits viewing and searching OEIS in dozenal.
Author: James Wood
Version: 1.2.1
Nature: Download
Location: Dozenal OEIS

The Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences is a powerful tool for learning about and investigating number theory; however, unfortunately, almost all of its sequences are available only in decimal. Thankfully, British dozenalist James Wood (also known as "m1n1f1g" and "mudri") has developed user scripts for the Firefox and Chrome web browsers to fix that.

These scripts produce the sequences in both decimal and dozenal, seamlessly on the results pages as well as the sequences' main pages. They also allow searching for sequences in dozenal. The main script is linked here; the dozenal search script can be found elsewhere.

Note that these scripts may require something like the Greasemonkey add-on to function.