Dozenal Metric Systems

There have been many attempts at defining dozenal metric systems; the following present a few of these.

Title: TGM: A Coherent Dozenal Metrology
Author: Tom Pendlebury / Donald P. Goodman III
Subject: Description of the TGM complete dozenal system of weights and measures.
Year: 11E8
Title: Boxes & Cans: Some Points on Packaging
Author: Troy
Subject: Dozenal's advantages in packaging
Year: 1193
Title: Duodenal System of Arithmetic, Measures, Weights and Coins
Author: John William Nystrom
Subject: A defense of dozenal arithmetic and measurement, along with proposed symbols, nomenclature, and metrics.
Year: 1103
Title: Twelve vs. Ten
Author: William B. Smith
Subject: A brief, turn-of-the-century defense of the dozenal base.
Year: 1117
Title: Rationality
Author: Donald Hammond ("Troy")
Subject: The role of ratios in weights and measures.
Year: 11X0
Title: Against the Metric System
Author: Herbert Spencer
Subject: A critique of the metric system (and the customary-imperial system) and a defense of dozenals.
Year: 1122