Dozenal and General Mathematics

Here you’ll find various articles exploring general mathematics as it relates to duodecimal notation, as well as dozenal mathematical articles. An example of the former includes number theory as it relates to fractional expansions across the bases, or the subject of positional notation, which applies to any number base. An example of the latter is any mathematical essay using dozenal instead of decimal as the number base.
Title: Fundamental Operations in the Duodecimal System
Author: Prof. Jay Schiffman
Subject: The four basic functions, as applied to dozenal arithmetic.
Year: 1192
Title: Multiplication Tables of Various Bases
Author: Michael deVlieger
Subject: Multiplication tables in bases (dozenal) 2-26, 28, 30, 34, and 50.
Year: 11EX
Title: Dozenal Home Primes
Author: Prof. Jay Schiffman
Subject: An explanation of dozenal home primes.
Year: 11E7
Title: On Maximal Repeating Sequence of Decimal Expansions in Base-Twelve
Author: T. J. Gaffney
Subject: Exploring dozenal repeating fractions, especially sevenths.
Year: 11E6
Title: A Dozen Properties of the Number Twelve
Author: Dozenal Society of America
Subject: Prof. Schiffman examines some number theoretical properties of the dozen.
Year: 1192
Title: Dozenal Frequently Asked Questions
Author: Michael deVlieger
Subject: A comprehensive explanation of the benefits of the dozenal base.
Year: 11E7
Title: Leclerc sur Douzainisme
Author: Georges-Louise Leclerc, Comte de Buffon
Subject: Une morceau de Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon, d'avantage de la douzaine dans arithmetique.
Year: 1041