Brave New Era Ahead

The founding generation of American organized dozenalists continues to flex their muscles across this duodecade of Duodecimal Bulletin issues. With the War coming to a close, the Allies victorious, the stage is set for the reconstruction of what seems to be the rest of the world. The United Nations is forming; interest in international standards, particularly regarding systems of measurement and currency, is a major concern to the DSA Membership. The decimal metric system (to become le Système Internationale d’Unités) is burgeoning. Time is of the essence if dozenalists want to propose a scalable dozenal system of measurement, striking while the iron was hot, in order to prevent the further entrainment of an inefficient decimal system across the world. The Do-Metric system of measurement is introduced by the DSA’s committee on such. Excitement over new technology, exhibited by the celebration of ENIAC computing power, buzzes in the Bulletin. Tables of mathematical functions often appear as reference material for a new dozenal world. Some like Grover Cleveland Perry believe dozenal can improve the way the USA uses and teaches mathematics. Men like Nystrom and Adams exhibit their thoughts on dozenal in general, and the reform of measurement systems in particular. Indices of dozenal thought are assembled and published, as the Membership taps into the past, to dozenalists in Europe of old. Certain Members like Mr. Gode extrapolate dozenal to the constructed language Interlingua in an attempt to efficiently cast the seed of thought into all Western realms. It is an exciting time to be an American dozenalist. From the standpoint of this particular time, there seems a chance the world might yet go dozenal, and rather soon.