Boxes & Cans: Some Points on Packaging

Title: Boxes & Cans: Some Points on Packaging
Author: Troy
Year: 1193
Subject: Dozenal's advantages in packaging

Originally published in the old joint journal of the Dozenal Society of Great Britain and the Dozenal Society of America, The Dozenal Journal, this wonderful article explores the basics of packaging and shows that dozenal has the greatest advantage. Carefully and simply explaining the principles of packaging, and separating the more technical math from the basic, the DSGB's "Troy" clearly demonstrates dozenal's advantages in this field.

In fact, Troy is able to prove that a twelve-pack is so much more efficient than a ten-pack that packing ten cans in a twelve-pack, leaving two empty spaces, is actually cheaper than packing ten in a ten-pack!

The DSA is pleased to be able to present this remastered version this article. Originally published in two parts, it is here presented as a whole.